What Are the Different Uses of Tealight Candles Today?

tealight candles

A tealight candle is an inexpensive candle measuring just two inches in diameter that burns for approximately four to five hours. People use them primarily as decorations and as a source of ambient lighting in many settings. 

Normally, they are only exposed to low heat, but they can produce fires capable of causing severe damage if you leave them unattended. 

Read below if you’ve ever wondered what tealight candles are or why you should use them. 

How to Use Tealight Candles 

There are different uses of tealight candles, such as:

Lighting Accents

Tealights are perfect for lighting up something special. Try placing a few around your fireplace mantel or in a bowl on your coffee table. You can even use them to light up a room without overhead lighting.


If you enjoy the scent of candles, tealights are a great way to try different aromas. Place a few of them around your bathtub or sauna. The candles allow your desired smell to diffuse throughout the room while bathing it with a soft glow.

Air Purifier

You can also use tealights to sanitise the air in your home. If you are sure that your space is free from flammable objects, place the tealights in a bowl and let them slowly burn throughout the day. The candles will gradually release the scent in the air while they fight against household odours.

Ward Off Bugs

To keep bugs at bay, you can place a few tealights around the perimeter of your home. They do not provide an ample source of heat to kill many bugs, but they do provide enough to ward them off. The candles also release a pleasant aroma, which will help deter many pests.

Tea Warmer

Teapots tend to have warmer cups that help to keep the tea from cooling quickly. You can apply the same principle to tealight candles. Some tealights are designed with a small cup or container attached to the bottom of the candle. Simply place the candle in the cup, and it will keep the tea warm for a longer period without burning it.

Tealight Candle Safety Tips

Tealight candles are very safe when you use them correctly. Because of their small size, they are a fire hazard, which you should handle with care. When they are not in use, you should store them away from children and pets. Additionally, you should never leave the tealights unattended and used at all if you fail to put them away properly.

The most dangerous aspect of tealight candles is the potential for fire. While burning a tealight, you must ensure to contain them in a tealight holder properly. This includes ceramic, glass, or metal holders. 

Place them in a suitable area that will not burn quickly and will not allow the tealight to spread to nearby flammable objects. If you want to place them on the wrong holder, it can cause the tealight to burn too quickly and lead to a fire.

Check the water in the tealight holder regularly to ensure that it is not boiling, as this can cause the tealight to overheat. To protect your house from a fire caused by the tealight, you should make sure that there are no flammable materials nearby and the area is clear of debris. 

Light Up a Tealight Candle

In the end, a tealight candle is a perfectly safe candle that can be of great value when it comes to decorating. This small candle provides a great way to add a nice ambience to any room. Make sure to use them properly, and you’ll be happy with the results.

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