Some of the Most Clever and Creative Ways to Use Tea Lights

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Tea lights are pretty much handy to have around at home. Besides serving as an emergency light source during a blackout, it can also be utilised to set the mood during those distressful days. In such a case, you have the option to use them for something else at the most appropriate time.

If it is your first time dealing with tea lights and you do not know how to use them in other creative means, look no further than our recommendations below.

1. Tuck Them between Branches

If you are having a party and you are looking for a way to give your centrepiece a sophisticated look, tea lights are your answer. You can place them inside a vase or a table centrepiece and put them between branches. This is not only simple but will also help you save money on the usual candles you would otherwise use.

2. Turn Them into Lanterns

Lanterns are great for the outdoors or the patio in your home. They help you set the mood when you are having a relaxing and intimate dinner at night. You can also turn the tea lights into lanterns by placing them on top of a galvanised tray and attaching them to the top of the table.

3. Use Them as an Air Freshener

You can use them as a source of light and at the same time as an air freshener by placing them in a bowl of water. Just make sure that the water does not touch the candle because you do not want to put out the flame by accident.

Just place them in the centre of the bowl, and you will no longer have to worry about lingering smells in your house.

4. Use Them for Light Art

You can use a tea light as an alternative to a light bulb. You can utilise it to project light art on the wall. If you are having a break from candles and you want to know what you can do with tea lights, put them in a jar, a vase or even a bottle. The tea lights can also be placed on a canvas.

5. Use Them in a Snag

Just because the candles are small does not mean that they will not be useful. In fact, tea lights can be used in a snag. They are great for smaller rooms such as bathrooms, bedrooms, and the kitchen.

6. Use Them for a Fairy Garden

If you want to give your garden a fairy-like look, you can use tea lights to achieve this. You can place them in glass jars or flower pots so that you can give them a magical effect. You can place them inside the flower pots if you wish to have a more magical effect.


Overall, tea lights are good and useful to have around the house all year round. Apart from the fact that they are excellent to have during power outages, you can use them for many other purposes. Whether you are searching for a way to enhance your home décor or you want to create a touch of elegance during a party, tea lights are your best solution.

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