Embrace the Season of Giving with 3 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas

Embrace the Season of Giving with 3 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas

The holidays are fast approaching, and people are getting ready to spend a merry time in a winter wonderland, especially after pushing through a rough year. Social distancing restrictions made people crave connection even more, so it’s no surprise to see a flurry of gift wrappers and gift sets filling stores to make way for the well-anticipated holiday rush. 

Planning for the perfect gift that conveys your love can be tricky, though, especially if you’re hoping to stray away from the usual self-care sets booming as the festive season draws near. Fortunately, the list below curates unique gift ideas that aren’t likely on Santa’s wish list but are sure to give a surprising delight to your loved ones all the same. 

Unwrapping Eccentric Gift Ideas for this Upcoming Holiday

1. Terrarium Candles

People love scented candles as it has become one of the essentials in today’s self-care starter pack. Meanwhile, the love for all things cacti is still booming as nature lovers, and aspiring green thumbs crave more earthly elements to brighten their tired spaces, but taking the time to care for plants can often be a hassle for many.

With that in mind, why not offer the best of both worlds by gifting hand-poured, terrarium-inspired candles? They look just like cacti and poppies, minus the responsibilities. The best part? They can fill the air with the relaxing fragrance of Christmas, making them the perfect holiday gift!

2. Custom Neon Sign 

Bedrooms, man caves, or study nooks—whatever safe space you spend your time on, you can add a visual pop of colour and striking design by giving your friends a custom neon sign of their name. The vivid, neon-clad signs can bask the room in the kind of glow that mimics the feel of cosmopolitan cities at night—vibrant, trendy, and strikingly aesthetic!

3. Wax Burner Sets 

Soy candles mixed with essential oils are not particularly new, but they add an ornamental twist to your classic scented candles as wax burner sets can bask the room in a pleasing scent that can set a festive mood. 

Wax burner sets come in different sizes, shapes, scents, and colours, making them easy to personalize according to the person you’re planning to gift. Whether it’s a set of Christmas-inspired scents like star anise, cinnamon, pine trees, and freshly-baked cookies, or your classic fragrances like lavender and citrus, wax burners are sure to light up your loved one’s holidays!

The Bottom Line: Put a Twist to Your Christmas Wishlist with These Gift Ideas

The season of giving is here, and if you want to celebrate a merry holiday, then what better way to share your festive spirit than to give eccentric gifts that are sure to stand out from the usual sets you see under the tree. 

Are You Looking for Quirky Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones? 

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