5 Tips That Will Help Make Wax Melts More Long-Lasting

wax melt

Wax melts can be rather lovely to present and to receive during this season of gift-giving, but they’re not exactly permanent. Like most objects, this special present will only last for a short time span after you’ve finally melted it in the warmer. The experience of lighting it up and taking in the scent becomes much more special that way. 

However, if you’re hoping to savour the experience and make wax melts last a little longer, there are a couple of tricks and techniques that will increase the time you have with your wax melts. Here’s what can help:

1) Heat the Wax Slower

How quickly wax melts disintegrate can rely on the heat of the warmer. Therefore, it’s best to have control over the heat and lower it so that the wax can take its time in melting. This can also be ideal if you want the wax melt’s fragrance to take time when it’s being released.

Certain electric warmers can be calibrated to heat the wax more slowly since the default setting can be too fast for your liking. Changing up the speed and strength of the heat will make the warming process much much slower.

2) Choose Your Scented Oil Properly

Which wax melts are long-lasting can vary depending on the type of scented oil contained within it. It might seem like there’s zero explanation for this, but there’s a difference between plain aromatic essential oils and synthetic fragrance oils.

Essential oils are made naturally, derived from fruits, plants and the like. These break down much quicker compared to the composition of fragrance oils. If you want wax melts that take longer to warm up, choose those consisting of fragrance oils instead.

3) Avoid Excess Wax Melts

Most people may believe that the way to long-lasting wax melts would be to increase the amount that you’re warming up. However, that speeds up the heating process and makes your wax turn to liquid even faster than normal.

Plus, there’s also the danger of overflowing wax and creating a fire hazard because of it. The whole point of wax melt is to reduce fire risks, so stay true to that. Avoid putting an excessive amount and only heat up the recommended quantity of wax melt for that one session. 

4) Provide Proper Maintenance

To have the best shot of getting your wax melts to last longer, other heating tools should be in tip-top shape. Clean and maintain every part of the warmer to avoid the wax melt from mixing with different variations and scents that you’ve used in the past. A warmer that’s devoid of any signs of previous use will provide you with the best efficiency for your wax melting session.

5) Switch Out Scents

Another tip to help make the wax melting sessions go a little longer is to switch scents whenever you’re using your warmer. Anosmia or partial loss of smell can occur when you’re repeatedly exposed to a certain fragrance. This desensitisation can feel like the wax melts are going by too fast. Prevent this olfactory fatigue and change up the scents. 


Wax melting can become a much more enjoyable experience if you can lengthen it for even just a couple of minutes. Executing some of the tips in this guide will allow you just that, letting your chosen scent linger for just a while longer than usual. 

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