6 Important Things to Consider with Changing Wax Melts


Things to Consider with Changing Wax Melts

Wax melts can be quite a beautiful gift to give and receive, alongside a candle or a scented candle warmer. The nice thing about wax melts is that you can buy them in bulk and with a good quality wax melt warmer, which will keep your room smelling fragrant for a longer period. 

Before using new wax melts, you should remove the old ones from the warmer. This is to avoid any mixing of the different scents. Changing the wax melts in the right way at the right time ensures that it lasts longer and that none goes to waste. Knowing when to replace your wax melts can also help you enjoy the scent without letting it go stale or compromising your health.

Keep reading to understand what you have to consider with changing wax melts.

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1) Type of Burner

It’s important to ensure that you have the right type of burner for the kind of wax melts you’re using, as it can affect how long your wax melts will last. This is because the size of the warmer involves the melting medium and melting point of the wax. Generally, a warmer with a larger space will melt the wax slowly and evenly. As a result, the smell will last longer.

White Duo Wax Melt Burner

2) Kind of Oil

The fragrance oil that you use in making your wax can also affect the longevity of your wax. Certain oils will have a higher burning point. If you are using a low-quality fragrance oil, the oil can actually burn before the wax melts. Do your research and consider getting quality oil for your wax melts.

3) Oil-to-Wax Ratio

Using a proper ratio of oil to wax can lengthen the life of your wax melts and prevent frequent changes, benefitting you and your wallet in the long run. Granted, it’s best to start off using the ratio given by the manufacturer. As you gain more experience, adjust the blend accordingly. The same applies to changing the wax melts for the best results.

4) Storage Options

Another aspect that affects the longevity of your wax melts is the storage options. Aside from avoiding exposure to sunlight, which can cause the fragrance to fade faster and require a change in wax melts more quickly, the temperature can also affect the quality. If you store your wax melts in a cool and dark place, they will last longer. 

5) Wax Melt Performance

If you feel like your wax melts are not burning for as long as they used to or as fragrant as they were, it may be time for a change. You may also want to consider a change if you notice any undesirable effects, such as the scent of the oil sticking to your clothes. If this is the case, use carrier oil instead of your fragrance oil.

6) Changing Method

There are many methods on how to change the wax melts. You can simply let the wax melt stick to the dish and then remove it with a spoon. As long as you use that tool to remove the wax, you can reuse the dish. When using the same dish, be sure to clean it properly and thoroughly before reuse.


Once again, the most ideal part about using wax melts is that you can get them in bulk and these will last longer. You don’t need to change the wax melts frequently, and there’s no mess since you don’t have to clean up wax once they have melted.

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