Top 5 Reasons Scented Soy Wax Candles Are Great Gift Ideas


Thinking of fantastic gift ideas? Why not give soy candles a try?

Although soy is a component in most mass-produced candles, the candles are not created from soy wax. Today, paraffin is the most commonly used material to make candle wax. 

However, beeswax, soy wax, palm wax, synthetic waxes, and a combination of several are all alternatives. Of all the options, soy wax is the most beneficial to you and the environment. With this simple change in the choice of raw material, the candle produced gets to have numerous quirks to watch out for.

Here are the top five reasons scented soy wax candles are lovely gift ideas:

1. Environmentally Friendly

Did you know that soy wax is biodegradable? Furthermore, it also contains natural antioxidants and anti-microbial properties that can help reduce the release of pollutants during the burning process.

Since it contains no formaldehyde, toluene, or benzene, soy wax is non-toxic to people and animals. So we may use it in our homes without fear of hazardous pollutants being emitted into the air.

Compared to paraffin, soy wax produces less soot and smoke while emitting no hazardous pollutants into the atmosphere. Additionally, we can grow the non-toxic soybeans necessary to create the wax, ensuring a steady supply. And it grows with fewer pesticides, herbicides, and fertilisers.

2. Sustainable and Renewable

Soy wax is made from soybean oil and is a renewable resource because it is farmed and not harvested. As such, the entire soybean crop is used and not wasted. 

Unlike paraffin, which may last in landfills and float on our oceans and rivers for 6,000 years, soy wax will not harm the environment. Soy wax can be reused many times, making it an environmentally friendly option used in all types of candles in your list of gift ideas.

3. Long Burn Times

Soy wax candles burn longer than others because they are typically made with little to no additives. It is why soy wax candles burn hotter and cleaner.

Longer burn times also mean less money spent and less time spent relighting them. You will enjoy your soy candles longer than you would other candle types, making them great options for gifting.

4. It Is Healthier for You

They will not leave chemical by-products on your skin or in the air. Dealing with allergies? Soy candles are much safer to burn around those with allergies.

Being chemical-free, soy candles do not contribute to the development of cancer or other air-borne illnesses. Additionally, they won’t leave a sticky residue on your skin when you blow them out.

5. It gives you a Beautiful, Clean, and Long-Lasting Scent

Long-lasting candles are the best. If you’ve ever been to a party or gathering where a candle was burning, you know how good they can smell. A great-smelling candle provides a beautiful aroma to your home and creates a comfortable and relaxing environment. 


Candles are a great source of light and fragrance. They can be used to create a relaxing and enjoyable room ambience or used daily.

Today, the home is the place where you can most efficiently and cost-effectively add the fewest but most significant number of enhancements that will significantly improve the look and feel of your home.

Candles and candle accessories are affordable, easy to find. They are a great way to add a little luxury to your home with something inexpensive, eco-friendly, and safe. Thanks to soy wax, candles can be one of the healthiest home décor items.

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