Getting Wax Melts but Unsure of Longevity – Check This Out!

Ruby & Jasmine Wax Melts

Wax melts are well-known to anyone that’s a particular fan of having scents wafting through the home. Part of the draw is how versatile they are, which leads to plenty of options, including fragrances, colours, and of course, sizes. 

It’s no wonder they’re quickly gaining traction amongst the general public. To learn more about them, here’s a quick guide to help you get started:

Touching on Longevity

Understandably, the critical concern most people have when it comes to wax melts is just how long they actually last. It’s not commonly known just how well they do in terms of longevity, especially with scented candles. 

The good news is that the information simply hasn’t been spread enough, but it’s actually readily available. There are several factors here and there, but the heat factor definitely holds the most importance.

A Brief on Wax Warmers

The burning time of wax melts is primarily influenced by what kind of wax warmer ends up being used. As a wax warmer heat ends up going up, the fragrance coming from the wax melt will get much stronger. The consequence, though, is that the speed of the wax melt ends up shortening scent release. The longer it takes a wax warmer to hit melting temperature, the longer yet milder scent-and-melt ratio will be.

Wax melt brands also vary in terms of oil and wax. Some have a timer, so keeping track of how long it takes might be a more practical way. The ones that don’t come with a timer, however, are best left with an alarm. The last thing anyone would want is for wax melts to end up wasted for no good reason.

Getting the Best Burning Time

Burn time also gets affected by how it’s burned. Here are some tips on that end which can yield excellent results if followed:

Make Sure the Wax Melts Are Stored as Well as Possible

It can be tempting to toss wax melts altogether and stack them on top of each other. However, that’s actually not a good idea at all. Scents can cross-contaminate, and the waxes themselves may end up blending entirely. 

Burn Your Wax Melts at a Steady Temperature

When wax melts are burned, temperatures that are far too high should be avoided at all costs. The higher the heat, the faster the wax melt will burn. 

As previously mentioned, while a strong scent will come from it, the duration will be much shorter. Even a low-temperature burn will give a satisfactory scent while the wax melt lasts for a reasonable amount of time.

Use an Electric Burner Where Possible Instead of Tealight Candle Burners

Plenty of people are incredibly familiar with tealight candle burners. They’re used quite commonly. However, a good rule of thumb for wax melts to emit a good scent while lasting for a while is to use an electric burner. That’s especially true since they have temperature settings, which means things can be adjusted quickly.


Wax melts have been rising in popularity over the last couple of years, but not without doubt. Thankfully, wax warmers will make a massive difference in how long the melts last and how strong the fragrance is. You can also have a good burn time by using an electric burner where possible, burn at a steady temperature, and ensure wax melts are stored well. Keep this guide in mind as you purchase your wax melts!

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