The Top 5 Don’ts of Using Wax Melts and Wax Burners

The Top 5 Don’ts of Using Wax Melts and Wax Burners

Wax melts have recently become popular because of their many uses and benefits. They are an affordable option for people who want to relax or fill their homes with a pleasant aroma.

To reap the full benefits of using wax melts, you must know the proper ways to use your products and preserve their quality for a long time. Many instances of misuse have led to distorted fragrances, broken wax burners, and other wastes of money. 

Read on to learn about the top five don’ts of using wax melts and burners. 

1. Do Not Put Your Wax Burner in the Fridge

When you finish a wax and desire to switch to a different scent, you need to remove any leftover wax, clean the burner’s dish, and start with a new wax melt. 

However, many people have difficulty removing the original wax, leading them to think that maybe putting the wax in the refrigerator will help. Do not do this! This method can damage your wax burner and make it more brittle over time. 

To completely remove any remaining wax, just use a tealight for about 30 seconds to soften the wax. Then, you can easily wipe it away with a piece of paper towel.

2. Do Not Use an Oil Burner Instead of a Wax Burner

The market is quite saturated with oil burners that are sold as wax burners. Some even proclaim to sell dual-purpose burners, but it is always best to be on the safe side. Wax burners typically measure about 10 centimetres from the tealight to the burner’s dish. Their dishes are also deeper compared to those of oil burners. 

Do not commit this mistake, as using an improper device will burn up your wax too quickly and eventually become a fire hazard. Most of the time, oil burners will not effectively bring out the right fragrance for you. 

3. Do Not Use Eight-Hour Tealights

They are not meant to be used for wax burners and are suited only for tealight holders. Eight-hour tea lights give off too much heat, boiling the wax and therefore using up the scent quickly. They can also result in cracks and holes in your wax burner and become a fire hazard. Do not use eight-hour tealights so you can make the most of your wax melts and avoid any accidents. 

4. Do Not Use More Than One Tealight

Using multiple tealights is extremely dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. Many people make this mistake because they think the wax is too weak and attempt to burn it more intensely.

Do not do the same, as this can make your wax burner crack or, worse, explode. This scenario can cause a fire, especially when left unsupervised. Additionally, this is why you must only use four-hour tealights and never leave burning wax melts unattended in a room.

5. Do Not Use Too Little Wax

Paradoxically, using too little wax can cause you to waste more of it. If you burn a small amount, the fragrance will not be enough and require you to use more just to let the aroma float through your space. Besides, your wax burner will just consume this tiny amount of wax too quickly. 


When used the right way, wax melts can offer a ton of wonderful benefits to their users. In addition to having the best experience with wax melts, it is also vital that you do not commit the mistakes above to avoid accidents that lead to loss of assets and lives. 

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  1. Mummy Conquering Anxiety says:

    Great post. Especially the tip about 8 hour tea lights. I have occasionally used them before for my burners, but won’t from now on.

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