What to Do With Your Leftover Wax Melts

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Perhaps it’s time for a wax change, but you don’t like the idea of throwing leftover wax in the trash bin. Well, you don’t have to! There are some ways to make the most of your leftover soy wax melts when you’re done warming the wax from the wax melt gift set you have at home: 

Make a DIY Scented Pouch

You might have heard of this before, but making your scented pouch is a great way to keep your wax melt scent with you throughout the day. All you need are some fabric materials, a few sticks of leftover wax, and, if you want, some dried flowers. Here’s a quick and easy DIY guide to doing this:

  1. Buy a pouch from a craft or fabric store, or use an old sock or an old handkerchief. Decide on a shape that you like.
  2. Melt your leftover wax in a double boiler and pour them into the pouch.
  3. Let it cool completely, and then trim the loose threads around the edges.
  4. Place your dried flowers inside, and you’re done!

Make Candle Jars

Another thing you can do is to use your leftover wax to make your own candle jars. This is great if you don’t have any candles in stock but want to make your own home scent. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Mix your leftover wax with wax-safe dyes and make different-colored wax cubes in a muffin tin. It’s easier to do this if you make slabs of the leftover wax and then cut them into cubes with a butter knife. This way, your different-colored cubes are already in convenient shapes.
  2. Let the wax cubes cool, and then pop them out.
  3. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to each of your cubes, and then put them inside scented wax jar rings.
  4. Attach the rings to your homemade cardboard candle holders or a tea light candle holder.

Use It as Odor Neutraliser for Your Trash Bin

You can also reuse your leftover wax to lessen the unpleasant smells inside your trash bin or your garbage disposal. Place a few wax cubes inside a cotton ball, and then tuck it inside your bin or disposal.

Use It to Make Your Bathroom Smell Fresh

Putting your leftover wax inside an old container and placing it inside your bathroom can also make your bathroom smell fresh and clean. You can put it inside a diffuser, or you can place a few cubes in an old coffee or tea mug and place it inside your bathroom.

Make Car Deodorizers

Another thing you can do with your leftover wax is to make car deodorizers. Pour the leftover wax into a muffin tin and let them harden. Add some essential oils to the melted wax, and put the car deodorizers in your car.


We hope that this article gave you some good ideas on how to make the most of your leftover soy wax melts. Whether you want to use them to make your own DIY scented pouches, your candle jars, car deodorizers, or bathroom fresheners, these are all great ways to reuse and repurpose your old melts. Do you have any other ideas on how to make use of leftovers from your wax melt gift set? Feel free to share them with us by commenting on this page.

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