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Soy Wax Hearts

Create a romantic atmosphere by filling your space with exquisite aromas that you adore. Our Soy Wax Love Hearts is a six-pack of wax melts that are infused with rich aromas that instantly fill your room, setting an atmosphere that’s perfect for intense relaxation, leisure, or any of your favourite activities.


Soy Wax Melt Hearts

Each pack includes six lovingly made soy wax melts of your chosen scent that’s shaped into hearts and are packaged in a light, clear pillow box finished with a pretty bow for a hint of aesthetics that you deserve.

Available Scents: 

  • Adore Love Hearts (Inspired by J’adore Dior) – Fresh Rosy Scent with a touch of solid after-scent.
  • Alien Invasion (Inspired by Thierry Mugler) – Combines fruity and floral notes with a deep scent that lasts.
  • Angelic Touch (Inspired by Thierry Mugler) – Fruity notes at the top, followed by a sweet scent that lingers.
  • Aqua Minerals & Sea Kelp – A fresh, natural scent with a hint of wood, citric, and tropical notes you can’t completely grasp.
  • Bluebell Love Hearts (Inspired by Jo Malone Wild Bluebell) – A musky, earthy scent with a hint of spicy punch you can never resist.
  • Daisy Chain (Inspired by Marc Jacobs Daisy) – Tropical fruity scent with a sweet aroma and citric hints that linger in your room.
  • Beautiful Choo (Inspired by Jimmy Choo) – Sensual floral notes that enhance your feminine figure.
  • Bedtime Baby (Inspired by Bedtime Baby Bath) – A soft floral fragrance with a hint of sweetness you’ll adore.
  • Baby Powder – A combination of floral and musky fragrances.
  • Bow Love Hearts ( Inspired by Miss Dior) – A zesty, tropical scent that packs a citric punch with an earthy base.
  • Black Pomegranate (Inspired by Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir) –  A deep and earthy aroma that’s infused with a spicy undertone.
  • Black Orchid (Inspired by Tom Ford Black Orchid) – A broad woody accent with a crisp finish.
  • Coconut Waterfall – A fresh floral fragrance with a superb tropical finish.
  • Dreams Love Hearts (Inspired by Lenor Unstoppables)  –  Soft, floral, and fruity with a hint of creamy undertone.
  • Fairy Love Hearts (Fairy Non-Bio Inspired Wax Melts) – A soft powdery fragrance with a musky undertone.
  • Flower Explosion (Inspired by Viktor Rolf Flowerbomb) –  A burst of floral notes that will catch you by surprise.
  • Fluffy Towels – A soft mesmerizing scent of freshly tumbled towels.
  • Fondest Memories (Inspired by Black Opium) – A vibrant earthy aroma with a spicy undertone.
  • Golden Orchid (Inspired by Lenor Fabric Conditioner) – Creamy floral scent with a touch of citric notes,
  • Honeysuckle & Sandalwood (Inspired by Comfort Fabric Conditioner) – A combination of citrusy and floral elements that packs a tropical punch with a woody undertone.
  • Jasmine & Ruby (Inspired by Lenor’s Fabric Conditioner)  – An exotic seduction of fruit and flowers combined.
  • Lady Million (Inspired by Paco Rabanne Lady Million) – A fresh yet solid scent added with an intense citric finish.
  • Lavish Love Hearts (Inspired by the favorite scent of Lavish Unstoppables) – a fresh, peachy floral scent with a touch of creamy vanilla and caramel.
  • Lavender & Camomile –  A combination of tropical and fresh floral notes that takes you back to a lush paradise.
  • Lime Basil & Mandarin (Inspired by Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin) – An energizing scent with a subtle spicy undertone you can never resist.
  • Miss Miyake (Inspired by Issey Miyake Perfume) – A compelling fusion of sweet rosy notes and a woody undertone that envelopes you with relaxation.
  • Miss Coco (Inspired by Coco Chanel Perfume) – An exquisite fusion of fresh notes and rosy accents that’s finished with a woody undertone you simply can’t ignore.
  • Nectarine and Honey (Inspired by Jo Malone Nectarine & Honey Blossom) – A sweet scent that’s enhanced with a zesty lemon accent.
  • Noir Love Hearts (Inspired by Tom Ford Noir) – A bold earthy fragrance with a solid base and a hint of spicy notes evoke mystery.
  • Orange Blossom (Inspired by Jo Malone Orange Blossom) – A uniquely fruity aroma that’s finished with a sweet yet musky undertone that complements your space.
  • Oud Wood (Inspired by Tom Ford Oud Wood) – Packed with a deep and solid earthy aroma that’s finished with a touch of spice and creaminess that helps to bring out the richness of this blend.
  • Peony Blush & Suede (Inspired by Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede) – A fruity sweet accent that’s finished with a creamy and musky undertone, giving you a calm and delicate vibe.
  • Pixie Dust (Inspired by Lily Flame) – A soft and delicate fragrance that envelopes your room with earthy notes of serenity.
  • Pure Bliss Love Hearts – Fresh earthy notes combined with a hint of spice that’s finished with a rich woody undertone.
  • Rose Wonderland (Inspired by Mrs Hinch Rose Wonderland Fabric Softener) – A vibrant rosy aroma paired with delicate musky undertones that keeps you calm and at peace.
  • Spring Awakening – A combination of fresh floral notes with a natural finish for an atmosphere of spring.
  • Twinkle Love Hearts – A touch of creaminess added with a clean, citrusy scent that fills your room with a sense of purity you can't live without.
  • Velvet Rose & Oud (Jo Malone Velvet Rose and Oud) – A blend of rosy and woody that envelops your room with a clean scent you can't help but enjoy.
  • Velvet Orchid Love Hearts (Inspired by Tom Ford Velvet Orchid) – A fresh, floral accent that’s added with a hint of zesty notes that fully compliments your feminine side.


How To Use Your Soy Wax Hearts

  • Place the desired amount of soy wax cubes upon your wax burner (we recommend using one).
  • Light and place a 4-hour unscented tea light underneath and begin to enjoy the beautiful aromas from the pool of melting wax.
  • We recommend burning your soy wax melts for four hours at a time. Each cube can provide up to 15 hours of strong scent throw and be re-melted until the fragrance has gone.


Note: Fragrance times can vary depending on the strength of the scent. These wax melts are also compatible with electric wax burners.

Don’t wait any longer! Find the perfect scent that matches your unique taste with our Soy Wax Love Hearts! 

Order yours today!