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Aftershave Collection

Indulge in our wide range of luxury soy wax melts inspired by your favourite designer aftershave fragrances.

masculine aromas, oriental fragrances, mystical bold spicy fragrances plus lots more.

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Highly Scented Aftershave Wax Melts


All our Aftershave inspired wax melts are long lasting, highly scented & beautifully packaged.

On average our 96g 6 cube soy wax melts can achieve strong scent throw for over 90 hours

Scents in our Wax Melts – Aftershave range include

  • Amazing Boss Inspired by Boss Bottled
  • Aventos For Men Inspired by Creed Aventus For Him
  • Bravest Inspired by Diesel Only The Brave
  • Black Orchid Inspired by Tom Ford Black Orchid
  • He's Euphoric Inspired by Calvin Klein Euphoria
  • He's Guilty Inspired by Gucci Guilty
  • Invictorious Inspired by Invictus Aftershave
  • Maximous Inspired by Creed Aftershave
  • Noir Inspired by Tom Ford Noir
  • One Million Inspired by Paco Rabanne One Million
  • Oud Wood Inspired by Tom Ford Oud Wood
  • Royal Oud Inspired by Creed Royal Oud
  • Sauvage Inspired by Savage
  • Silver Mountain Inspired by Creed Silver Mountain Water

Our Aftershave inspired Soy Wax Melts are created using a vegetable based soy wax, naturally sauced from soya bean oil. As a result this has many benefits including being extremely environmentally friendly & one hundred percent biodegradable.

 Paraffin Wax is derived from fossil fuels which are a finite resource.

As a result burning fossil fuels is terrible for the environment because they release carbon and other greenhouse gases, which together are accelerating climate change. Soy wax is derived from soybeans, which we can replant over and over again.