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Birthday Gifts

A collection of beautifully packaged wax melt birthday gift sets and boxes, with a choice of our handmade soy wax melts and wax burners.

Our Birthday Gifts are all handcrafted with love & extra touches making them the perfect gift set for special birthday presents.

Available in a wide range of fragrances and scents.

Beautifully Packaged Birthday Gifts


Our Birthday gift sets are all they will need to start enjoying delectable aromas that they simply can't help but love!

Every piece of our gift set is delicately handcrafted to ensure you get to give a thoughtful present for your special someone with no hassle.

Birthday Gift Bags Include:

24 x Heart-shaped luxury soy wax melts, with four fragrances of your choice
6 x unscented, Four-hour burn tea lights
1 x ceramic wax melt burner

Birthday Gift Set Fragrance Choices

Alien Invasion, Angelic Touch, Twinkle, Bow (Perfume Inspired)

Lime Basil & Mandarin, Peony Blush, Velvet Rose & Oud, Orange Blossom ( Jo Malone Inspired)

Black Pomegranate, Bluebell, Nectarine and Honey, Peony Blush & Suede (Jo Malone Inspired)

Velvet Orchid, Black Orchid, Noir, Oud Wood (Tom Ford Inspired)

Rose Wonderland, Jasmine & Ruby, Honeysuckle & Sandalwood, Lavish (Laundry Inspired)

Lavender & Camomile, Aqua Minerals & Sea Kelp, Pure Bliss, Coconut Waterfall

Miss Coco, Miss Miyake, Beautiful Choo, Dark Opium (Perfume Inspired)

Flower Explosion, Adore, daisy Chain, Lady Million (Perfume Inspired)

Bedtime Baby, Baby Powder, Pixie Dust, Fluffy Towels

Dreams, Golden Orchid, Fairy, Spring Awakening


What are you waiting for? With the ultimate gift set of enticing fragrances, you can finally give the relaxation you or your loved ones deserve.

Give a friend, family, or partner your best wishes when you order yours today!

Not to mention, every gift has a fully customizable note so you can share your thoughts and sentiments along with it!