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Wax Melt Burners

Create a soothing atmosphere in your room with Little Miss Twiggie Twinkles range of wax warmers.

Our Wax Melt Burners feature unique and aesthetic designs that can match any interior according to your style. Boasting a minimalistic approach to all designs, these highly durable burners provide a striking elegance that fits any modern interior space.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How To Use A Wax Melter?

Place your desired amount of scented wax pieces upon your wax burner.
Place a lighted 4 hour unscented tealight underneath the well of your burner and begin to enjoy the release of beautiful aromas from the pool of melting wax.
We recommend burning your soy wax melt pieces for a maximum of four hours at a time. This will prevent your wax melter from overheating and prolong the life of your wax melts.
Wax melts are also compatible with a electric wax burner. They work like your traditional burner but are powered by electric using either a heating element inside the dish, or a bulb inside the body of the burner to melt the wax.

How To Clean A Wax Burner?

Heating method – would be to warm the wax slightly placing a tea light underneath as if you were warming your wax normally but only for approximately 30 seconds to a minute, this will release the outer edge of the wax, put a little pressure on one side of the wax and it will slide out from the well, wipe clean with a paper towel ready for a new piece of wax to be added.

An alternative method would be the cotton wool pad method – With your wax melt fully melted inside the dish and candle blown out simply add the cotton wool pad. Wait till it has soaked up all the wax then remove it, wiping the dish clean with a cloth or paper towel ready for the next piece of wax to be added.

When Should I Clean My Oil Burner?

You should clean your wax melter each time you change your wax melt weather it be the same scent or a different one. This will ensure every new piece of wax added will release a lovely clean fragrance from within. Some wax scents have heavy oil molecules and can leave a sticky film inside your wax melt dish. When adding a new scented wax melt you don’t really want residue off the old scent altering the new scent.

When Should I Change My Wax Melt?

The lifetime of your wax will depend on many factors, at Little Miss Twiggie Twinkles we  would recommend (based on one cube from our 6 cube wax melt, using a 4 hour tea light), to change your wax melt after the 4th to 6th burn. You may find some scents last longer than others, but you will know to change your wax melt when you no longer can smell the aroma being released from the melted wax.

What Kind Of Burner Do You Use For Wax Melts?

There are two common burner types used for melting wax melts, The standard tealight burners & electric burners
Which method you choose will have a big impact on how long your melts last for, using a tealight inside a standard wax melt burner will get hotter than an a electric wax burner. The electric burner is plugged into a socket & uses either a light bulb within the body of the burner or a heating element within the dish of the burner.
High heat = more scent but less burn time (Traditional tealight method)
Low heat = less scent but more burn time (Electric burner)

Are Wax Melt Burners Safe?

Used correctly wax burners should be complety safe by following a few precautionary measures.
Ensure to not over fill your burner with wax, we would recommend starting by adding a little wax at a time if you are unsure of the amount of wax the burner can hold, this will reduce the risk of your burner overflowing.
Make sure not to touch your burners while in use, they will become very hot (especially electric burners) & the heated wax can cause burns. Allow the burner to cool completely before handling again.
Never leave any type of wax melt burner unattended whilst in use
Keep your wax melt burners out of the reach of children and pets & away from anything that can catch fire.

Are Wax Melt Burners & Oil Burners The Same?

Both oil burners & wax burners usually consist of a small dish that will hold the fragrance oil or wax melt pieces. Although some burners are not compatible for both so please ensure you check that it is suitable for either wax or oil before burning.

How Long Do Wax Melts Last In A Burner?

There are several factors to consider

Type of wax used to make the wax melt (soy wax, beeswax etc..)
Method of burning the wax (tealight burner or electric burner)
Amount of fragrance oil used to make the wax melts
Process of making the wax melts
Size of the wax melt burner

As described in what type of burner do you use for wax melts, tealight burners usually get hotter than electric burners, with high heat comes high fragrance but at the cost of longevity.

How much fragrance oil added used to make the wax melts will have a big impact, adding to much oil will cause the wax & oil to not bond correctly affecting its structure and reducing its scent throw & burn time.

How the wax melts were made will also be a factor, badly made wax melts through not stirring the wax & fragrance oil properly & pouring the wax at the incorrect temperatures will result in the wax melt not lasting as long as they should.

Type of wax used – Regarded as the best Beeswax has shown to hold the longest burn time but is considerably more expensive than other commonly used wax used to produce wax melts.  Most wax melt manufacturer’s generally use soy wax for it its ability to work well with fragrance oils & increase the length of burn time.

At Little Miss Twiggie Twinkles we only use high quality soy wax to produce our scented wax melts.

If using a small wax burner the tealight will be closer to the melting pool of wax causing it to burn faster.

Can You Use A Oil Burner For Wax Melts?

As stated in the question are wax melt and oil burners the same, they are similar in style but you must always check they are compatible with wax as some are not.

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