4 Factors That Can Change How Long Your Wax Melts Last

4 Factors That Can Change How Long Your Wax Melts Last

Once you start getting into the world of candles and wax melts, you will become familiar with the term fragrance throw. This refers to how candles can disperse the scent and their strength, whether the melts are heated or at average room temperature.

But aside from enjoying beautiful and relaxing scents, an essential thing to consider before you buy is how long your purchase will last. Being able to enjoy your wax melts for longer, after all, will show its quality and give you the most bang for your buck.

As a brief guide, check out these four factors that can influence how long your wax melts will last.

1. The Oil to Wax Ratio

Candles and wax melts have a particular oil to wax ratio depending on where and how they’re made. Most companies go for one ounce of fragrance oil per pound of wax, which results in about 6 per cent fragrance oil concentration. Some opt to go stronger than that, while others can go lower as well.

Overall, the amount of fragrance oil concentrated in your wax melts will affect how long they last. The reason for this is that oil can only be bound to a particular amount of wax.

In terms of the oil to wax ratio, you should also think about how big the wax melts are when you melt them. They can be in the form of bars, cubes, or other shapes. No matter how big they are when you purchase them, it’s better to melt them at around 0.55 ounces, as this smaller amount will help them have better hot throw concentration.

2. The Type of Oil You Use

Wax melts can also be influenced by the oil you use—whether you opt to go for fragrance oils or essential oils, you will be able to see a difference. 

Essential oils are extracted from plants. You can get these oils through pressing, distillation, pressing, or extraction from berries, flowers, leaves, roots, and bark. Essential oils are used in aromatherapy, and they are believed to have effects on the physical and emotional well-being of humans.

On the other hand, fragrance oils are made from mixing different chemical compounds. Unlike essential oils, fragrance oils may not be entirely natural, as they can also have synthetic ingredients. Most of the time, fragrance oils serve as the carrier to form candles and wax melts.

3. The Type of Warmer You Use

The warmer you use can have a significant impact on how long your wax melts will last. For instance, if your warmer is too hot, the scent it gives off will be stronger, but the aroma will not last that long. However, if you opt to go a few degrees lower, the hot throw will last for a longer time but with a milder fragrance.

To make the most of your wax melts, consider buying a modern wax melter that has a timer, preferably one that automatically turns off. Doing so will help you be more efficient in using your wax melts and avoid unfortunate waste. Most timers come with three-hour, six-hour, and nine-hour configurations, so you can easily manage them.

Final Thoughts

Wax melts are the perfect functional home addition that breathes life and vibrance into any space. They are one of the best things to buy for some self-care, and wax melts are also ideal picks as gift ideas for your moms, sisters, and friends.

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