Make Your Home Smell Good: Where to Add Fragrances

Make Your Home Smell Good: Where to Add Fragrances

Isn’t making your home feel cosy and nice exciting? Bringing in some new scents into your home can also create a different kind of environment. What’s best is that our sense of smell is very powerful—it can take us back to a certain time, trigger a surge of emotion in us and change our moods. That’s why you need to choose your fragrances carefully at home! 

Here is a quick guide on how to use scents around your house effectively: 

Entrance Hall

The entrance hall is the first place people will be when they enter your home, which makes it ideal to set up a fragrance in this area. This will also say a lot about your home and you! So, you better make it a good one. 

Choose fragrances for the entrance hall that are calm and inviting to create a sensation of freshness that will relax your guests immediately. You can set off your fragrance an hour before your guests arrive, as this will help create an aroma that subtly lingers in the air as they walk in. 

Living Area

Your living area is where your guests will likely go next when they enter your home. It can also be where you can gather after dinner. Indeed, it’s a multipurpose room that can change throughout the day, which is why it should have a pleasant fragrance. 

The best types of fragrances to use for this area are the ones that evoke comfort and warmth. Doing so will create a laid-back and serene ambience that is perfect for almost anything that happens in the living room. 


The bedroom is the most intimate space in your home. It’s your oasis where you go after a long tiring day or when you are having just one of those days. With this, the area should smell relaxing, which will encourage you to unwind. You can try out an incredibly soothing jasmine flower. Moreover, the jasmine flower is also a mild sedative but with a hint of sensuality. 


Now, your bathroom is one of the most practical areas of your home, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t smell good. The bathroom can also be your sanctuary when you crave those warm baths after a long day. Set the vibe with the right fragrance, such as woody scents or patchouli flowers that can give your bathroom that sense of serenity with a hint of energy. 


Your kitchen smells different throughout the day, depending on what’s being prepared. The last thing you want to do is add more strong fragrances in this area because it could be overpowering. Instead, use subtle and understated scents in your kitchen. Stick to fresh, clean, and vibrant scents to complement the other food fragrances in the room. 


When you know the important areas of your home where you can add fragrances, you will be able to set the right ambience and make guests feel at home, too. These fragrances will definitely make your home even more pleasant to be in—perfect if you’re a home buddy, too!

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