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4 Factors That Can Change How Long Your Wax Melts Last

Antique candelabra with melting candle and spider web on black background.

Once you start getting into the world of candles and wax melts, you will become familiar with the term fragrance throw. This refers to how candles can disperse the scent and their strength, whether the melts are heated or at average room temperature. But aside from enjoying beautiful and relaxing scents, an essential thing to […]

Here’s Everything You Can Do with Wax Melts

Viktor Rolf Flowerbomb Inspired Wax Melts

Wax melts are everywhere, even if you don’t always pay attention. Nowadays, you’ll find them in a local shop nearby, a neighbour’s house, or on social media, where it’s becoming a popular trend. They’re scented wax that comes in the form of shaped tarts or cubes and is meant to be used to release fragrance […]

5 Reasons Why Wax Melts Are Better Than Scented Candles

hand lighting candles

Nowadays, wax melts are slowly gaining popularity as an excellent medium to fragrance homes. However, it still holds true that it’s not getting the attention it deserves due to stiff competition with fragrance oils and scented candles. Nonetheless, wax melts possess qualities that give them an advantage over candles. If you’re curious, you can read […]

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